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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bill Frist '08, pretty please?

Word around Washington is that this Frist character is making moves with the '08 presidential nomination in his sights.

God, let this man represent the Republicans in a national election.

Frist has no shot, he looks like a vampire and I have proof! Here is Frist dressing up as a vampire on one of his days-off from being a complete tool:

Alright, I may have touched this up with MsPaint a little bit, but the essence of Frist's blood-sucking nature remains.

My mad mspaint skillz aside, Frist is spoiled goods. All the dems will have to do is replay his interview by the Abc guy with the long name, and hes toast.

Also, the Dems should talk about Terry Schiavo and also about his profiteering on the fears of 9/11.

But the Dems don't have bollocks. So, shit.

A substantive post will make an appearance soon, have no fear.


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