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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Effing Hilarious...

I stumbled across this great article by John Rodat, in MetroLand Online. Its a great read but allow me to highlight some of the funniest bits.

The story is about the options for someone desperately seeking out liberal voices in mainstream press. rodat offers some great lines about the state of the NYT Op-Ed page:

On Brooks...
In my opinion, David Brooks is the worst of the lot...what's really infuriating is Brooks' transparent appeal to reg'lar folk. He slams Manhattanite rice cake addicts, and name checks Cinnabon, The Da Vinci Code and of course the Good Book, he touts the folksy pleasure of extra biscuits at the breakfast buffet, all to advance the cause of socially productive mediocrity. Socially Productive mediocrity. Fucking shoot me.

On Teirney...
John Tierney, the newest kid on the Times' opinion block, is equally bad. In his column about the First Lady's humorous speech at a recent press dinner (Laura Bush Talks Dirty, 5/3/05), this partisan Yale grad claims that middle-class Americans are moving to Red States and Republican exurbs for more jobs, affordable houses and the lower taxes offered by Republican politicians. Let's skip...right to Tierney's butt- kissing: [Middle class Americans], too, watch Desperate Housewives, and they're not surprised to hear Laura Bush doing Chippendales jokes. They've spent their own dollar bills there. They don't see anything the matter with that or with themselves.
He also says that the Chippendales set identifies with the president because, when Jon Stewart sneers at him, they empathize because they're used to being sneered at themselves. OK, let me get this straight: Desperate housewives tired of being intelligently mocked for their weekends spent stuffing sweaty bills into the thongs of beefy, arrhythmic Fabios like our president because they, too, know the pain of being an Ivy League-educated millionaire, whose every fuck-up propels him to further wealth, prominence and power? Oh, I see.

He gives backhanded praise to Freidman and doesn't even mention Krugman (who is by far the most concentrated form of awesome on that page). But all in all I agree with his criticisms.

Basically theres no way that the Op-Ed-payplan is going to work, its just not worth it.


  • I gathered that Friedman was also coming under criticism, just not as severely. Certainly not praise. And the absence of Krugman was strange, but it's good that he mentioned Frank Rich, who is a great read. Unfortunately, NYTimes online is going to pay-only, so...

    By Blogger Patrick, at Thursday, 19 May, 2005  

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