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Thursday, May 26, 2005

His friends call him Lyle

Some of you might remember the Dana Carvey SNL skit from the late 80's entitled "Lyle the Effeminate Heterosexual" ( A better name for the skit might be "The Jerry Kilgore story."

Republicans don't come too much more conservative than Virginia Attorney General and 2005 gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore. And like a true conservative republican, Kilgore is strongly against gay rights. The funny thing is that when you listen to him speak, he has what many people would describe as a "gay sounding" voice. For a sample, click the link in the top left corner:

I think it's hilarious that one of these Republicans who is quick to define the gay community as a crude charicature that, in addition to having sex all the time and lacking any sort of moral code, speaks with a nasal lisp actually talks "gay" himself.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Kaine campaign has been trying to use this to their advantage, playing to the homophobia that is more than prevalent in this state by putting out radio ads that call out Kilgore for not using his own voice in advertisements, claiming that Kilgore "is hiding behind slick radio announcers" and asserting that Kilgore "isn't being straight" with the voters. Mike Slaven wrote a fantastic piece about this a few weeks ago:

While these tactics are unfortunate coming from the Democratic camp and should be stopped, I still have to laugh at the irony of all of this. The politician who is trying to appeal to a core base of conservative homophobes may lose votes because he fits the kind of inaccurate stereotypes that he himself is promoting.

For your listening pleasure, here's a link to the "Jerry Kilgore Techno Remix"


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