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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So did we win? Wait, we didn't?

No, no, thank you, New York Times:
In Senate Deal, a Modest Win for Bush, but More Tests Lie Ahead

WASHINGTON, May 23 - President Bush won enough from the bipartisan compromise on judicial nominees on Monday night to claim a limited victory, but he now faces a series of additional tests of his political authority, with the stakes extending to the fate of his second-term agenda...

Well I don't know that Bush won much more than 3 nominees, which is more than none. But, I think the real victory here is that the Dem's showed that they can pussy out of an important fight without losing their shirts. Also the pictures of Frist afterward make him look... well, special:

(note: this photo was not edited)

What really chaffes my ass is the NYTimes article on this anti-climactic non-nuclear showdown. In general the article is fine. What kills me is where they talk about Bush's "testing the limits of his power":

From his push to add investment accounts to Social Security to his nomination of John R. Bolton to be the United States envoy to the United Nations to his opposition to pork barrel spending in the Senate's highway construction bill, Mr. Bush has been assertive and even provocative in probing the limits of his own power.

Hmmm. His "provocative" "opposition to pork barrel spending" resulted in his not using his mint condition, never-removed-from-the-box veto on the bill that was nothing but pig. Talent Show has a great post from a couple days back on this.

Anyway, I wish the nuclear option would have come to a vote. It would have been defeated as well as a huge "fuck you" to Bill Frist and his pack of goons.


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