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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Nuclear Option, A Few Thoughts

It's pretty clear that the Republican party has been hijacked by fundamentalist nutjobs and also garden-variety nutjobs. Luckily it appears that many of them cannot read, or at least do not read works of history.

I would direct your attention to the last time the R's tried to make major changes in the Constitution to curtail the operations of the D's.

The 23rd Amendment, the one that limits presidential terms to 2 per person, was largely an initiative by the new Republican majority in the legislature to make sure that there wouldn't be another FDR to eff up their monopolies and give poor people food for a million terms.

Yet the first president to be affected by this amendment was Eisenhower, an enormously popular republican president.

R's won't have the majority forever, sustained dominance is myth both globally and domestically. So the R's should keep that in mind when they consider this nuclear option.

They only "won" the executive by a slim margin, and you can only smear the queer for so long.


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