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Friday, May 20, 2005

Stay The Course

It's good to know we have a president who listens to the American people. Here's a quote from GWB in today's Washington Post:

"I'm just beginning this debate," Bush said in an appearance at the Milwaukee Art Museum, his 32nd Social Security event of the year. "I'm going to spend whatever time it takes to continue traveling the country and make it absolutely clear to the people, we've got a problem."

That's right. The president is not interested in what you think about Social Security. He's knows there's a problem and it's your job to listen to him and do what he says. Besides, thinking about the complexities of Social Security reform will make your head hurt. Just sit back, pour yourself a cold glass of lemonade and enjoy another episode of American Idol. That Ryan Seacrest is so dreamy...

Bush is on the 78th day of what was supposed to be only a two-month barnstorming tour. The president decided to extend his time on the road because many Congressmen in his own party think his reform plan is a bad idea. So, instead of taking a second look at the plan, Bush simply continued to "stay the course," pushing forward with his plan despite blatantly obvious failures and continuing to insist that legislation includes personal investment accounts funded with payroll taxes. Because in this country, apparently, courage is a synonym for stubborn. These colors don't run, motherfucker!!!!!11one

This is just another example of this administration refusing to ever admit they were wrong about anything. It happened with the War in Iraq, but that didn’t bother enough Americans to keep Bush from winning a second term. After all, it's okay to send poor people off to die; their lives suck anyway. But when it comes to the Social Security reform, which affects everyone's pocketbooks, the country has begun to take notice. According to the Post, only 29 percent of Americans approve of the president's handling of Social Security, and his job approval rating has dropped to 43 percent.

Having any second thoughts, America? Nov. 2, 2004 was not that long ago...

At least Bush is open to talking to the public about his plan and hearing what they have to say. His appearance at the Milwaukee Art Museum was in front of an invitation-only audience. So if you had something to say to the president about his plan, any sort of suggestion or question you were guaranteed the right to wait outside, and maybe, if you're lucky get within earshot to ask him in a loud voice. But be careful to not say anything too negative. Dissent is un-American.


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