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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Trip Down Memory Ln...

For some reason this memory popped into my head for some reason this morning, allow me to share..for some reason for some reason for some reason...:

For whatever reason I had the esteemed privillege of attending the first inauguration of GWB in 2001. Not to sound melodramatic, but the weather perfectly captured my mood: fucking miserable. It was wet and the grass was muddy, there was a light rain at times and it was cold.

The whole thing lasted for what seemed like years and about 20 minutes into the thing I managed to construct a sign from my shoulder bag and a permanent marker. "BUCK FUSH" my sign proclaimed in just the cleverest genius of my 11th grade wit.

I held up the sign sporadically over the next hour as Bush paraded Xtian clergyman after clergyman. The person next to me turned to me. He's a tallish, middle-aged white man with a giant handlebar mustache hiding a pock-marked face and messed-up teeth. He was brandishing a "Don't Mess With Texas" pin the size of a grape fruit on an expensive looking sportscoat. He looked agitated and slightly perplexed.

"Why the hell are you a Democrap," he inquired in a heavy southern drawl,"you're not black...are ya queer?"


No, no. Thank you Red State America.

PS. here's a pic of me that day. its been a while...


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