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Friday, May 13, 2005

Underwear Introduction.

Get it? Underwear Intro? Brief Intro.... Yeah, I'm that clever.

Alright, let me make this quickish. My name is Arun Butcher (pronounced: Uh-roon). It used to be spelled Aroon so as not to be confused with an alternate spelling of Aaron. Buuuut, silly white people overemphasized the "oo", turning my name effectively into Arooooooooooooon.

But I digress. I am a senior History, Phil major at Pitt. I have also worked for the Kerry Campaign and the DNC; I was Youth Media liaison (liaison wasn't the actually title, I forget it just this second but its what I did essentially). I'm pretty hardcore democrat, but not the spineless bullshit-type Dem. Well, I hope I'm not.

The blog will be more on the commentary end of the journalism spectrum, and it will be awesome because its written by legendary PittNews columnist Arun Butcher.

As to the title, its from Wittgenstein, that quote is in the side bar. I may explain it sometime in full but for now if you need said explanation to make your life more complete, you can ask me.

My next post will kick this shit off!

Update: My good friend and fellow surrender-monkey, Pat Kirts will be joining me in this blog. He's a big jerk and no one likes him.


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