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Sunday, May 22, 2005


Ok, the reason I haven't posted on anything political yet is because I'm trying to figure out how I want to attack thing. Or, rather, I know how I want to attack things, but I've had to think about how to put it into words, so I've come up with a slogan: Wittgenblogging. As Arun and hopefully a few of our other readers know Austro-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) devoted the mature part of his philosophical career to rooting out various sorts of philosophical "nonsense" (that's incredibly crude, and in a way completely wrong, but fine for my purposes). Well, most of my writings here are not going to be addressing philosophical nonsense, but rather the nonsense that dances on the current cultural-political stage (e.g., The New York Times editorial page). So I will mainly be taking things that people say and subjecting them to rigorous interrogation. I don't want to, or claim to, be doing journalism. I don't even really want to be putting out opinions. I just want to attack what's out there with an intellectual rapier, and what doesn't survive, oughtn't. One of the major strategies I'm going to employ, then, is the "how the hell could anyone possibly believe this shit?!?" strategy; I will argue strenuously for whatever bile Ann Coulter or whoever is spewing, not to defend her (she is, quite frankly, indefensible) but to get at WHY someone might be inclined to agree with her, and from that standpoint take things apart. I think I'm going to start with Brooks and Tierney, as a follow up to one of Arun's recent posts.


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