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Monday, June 06, 2005

Brooks, The Instant Post

When I feel the hands of writer's block creeping up my neck and about to throttle me, I remain unafraid. This is becuase i know David Brooks writes 2 columns a week, and also those 2 columns are almost garunteed blogfodder. Well, I have 'til September at least...

Sunday's was no different. Well its a little different, but not in any important way. Instead of inane political bullshit, its simply inane bullshit. I mean,...well lets just get a few excerpts:
The most interesting part of this Deep Throat business is Bob Woodward's description, in Thursday's Washington Post, of the state he was in when he met Mark Felt. He had graduated from Yale and was finishing a tour in the Navy, but he had no idea of what he wanted to do with his life. He was plagued by "angst and a sense of drift," and stricken by "considerable anxiety."
Really? Thats the
most interesting part, not the whole Mark Felt brought down Nixon part? Nope, course not. I mean, I don't even feel like wasting your time with the rest of this column read it if you dare...

Well lets see. Heres a silly quote:
And all they have to do to find their way amid this confusion is to answer one little question: What is the meaning and purpose of my life?

Their elders tell them to take their time and explore, advice that is of absolutely no comfort. Failure seems but a step away. Loneliness hovers. They often feel stunted and restless (I haven't moved up in six months!), so they adopt a conversational mode - ironic, self-deprecatory, postpubescent fatalism - that masks their anxiety about falling behind.

...huh? Is this a self-help column? What? Yeah, thats what this is, learn from the lessons of Woodward, or something. Any way heres the last line:
Woodward was nervous once, like you.
Um, sure. Thanks, David. Sigh, I am actually happy I won't be able to read his bullshit anymore.


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