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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Don't fret, Dick


Fox apparently began their Dick Durbin smear campaign todayon Fox & Friends (from Newshound):
Enough is never enough on Fox when there's a Democrat ripe for smearing.The campaign against Dick Durbin began this morning on Fox&Friends with a formal statement from Kay Bailey Hutchinson at 9:17AM.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson,appropriately garbed in red, recited the talking points about Al-Jazeera reporting Durbins comment and how he has inspired the insurgents. Hutchinson added that Gitmo is the best option and they are people trying to kill Americans.

[Ryan] Lizza repeated that these kinds of comments are nothing new in politics but Pemmaraju wouldn't accept this." At the same time the stakes are higher now." She went on saying there could be "harm to our soldiers and folks at home."

Ok, let's assume that Dick Durbin's comments (and not, you know, the U.S. torturing Iraqis) have aided the enemy insurgents in someway. What he said still needed to be said.

This administration has not and will not regulate itself. If Durbin didn't compare Gitmo to gulags and concentration camps, then Bush and his band of fools wouldn't give what they'v been doing a second thought. If Durbin's comments are the catalyst needed to finish Gitmo and our slew secret prisons around the world than its worth the alleged aid to the insurgency (a tough statement to write/read but it's true in the long run).


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