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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Evangelicalism and capitalism...

Great post of the hypocrisy of 'free-market'* Christianity: is hypocrisy and nonsense when contemporary Christians who have sold off and abandoned every vestige of the traditional Christian understanding of wealth turn around and insist that the Christian understanding of sexuality is fixed, immutable and eternal. These people strain at the gnat of same-sex love while swallowing the camel of credit card usury. They are so obsessed with their mistaken belief that they live in the most promiscuous society of all time that they have failed to notice they live in the most affluent, the haughtiest, proudest and least concerned with the poor.

*I use te scare quotes because I believe in free markets, but I also believe that we don't really have them. What we have is corporatism. People need to realize that any market is protected by the rules and regulations that are, at bottom, enforced by power. Our markets would be substantially freer if they were regulated in such a way that allowed for more people to take part in them, and not just as "owners."


  • No, there is no true free market in this country or in the world. Even a system which is quite liberal, currency markets, are held back by holdout like China and interfered with quite regularly by political actors.

    You bring up a good point about the need for regulation of the free market to ensure free entry and exit - an indispensable trait of a truly free market. At the surface, the claim that regulation is needed to ensure a free market seems backwards, since one does not normally equate government involvement with a truly free market. However, to prevent monopolies, to ensure free entry and exit, and to prevent unlawful practices in business, there must be some sort of referee, and the govermnent serves this role the best due to its monopoly on force, theory of state etc etc.

    The reason free marketeers and libertarians are so vehemently anti-government is due to, in my estimation, the lack of faith we have in government and politicians to actually do the job the way it needs to be done. The ambiguity in the law between capitalism and socialism (even though I would argue that the country is built with economic liberalism in mind) allows politicians to enact laws which make it more difficult for free market liberalism to work. As well, these breaks from true liberalism make it easier to use the system for corruption - tax breaks, grants, different regulatory controls, etc. In this sense, simply deregulating the airlines or the telecom industry isn't going to work because its a mere scratch on the surface of the greater problem. I believe in pretty much every type of deregulation, but I don't expect it to really work because the poor framework that we have in place won't allow it to work, and unfortunately cleaning house is nearly impossible. This is why we are not free!

    By Blogger Kevin, at Thursday, 09 June, 2005  

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