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Friday, June 17, 2005

Fastest Revolving Door in Washington...

So yeah, I haven't talked much about this (former White House environmental official) Philip Cooney character. He's, well, to be honest, a bit of a tool.

Here's the breakdown (Guardian):
A senior White House official accused of doctoring government reports on climate change to play down the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming has taken a job with ExxonMobil, the world's largest oil company.

Philip Cooney, who resigned as chief of staff of the White House council on environment quality at the weekend, will begin work at the oil giant in the autumn.

So, he works on energy policy and five days after he resigns... Exxon happens to snatch him up. Well, I guess that could just be a coincidence. Lets read on:

It emerged last week that Mr Cooney, who has a law degree and no scientific training, watered down scientific papers on climate change and played up uncertainties in the scientific literature.

He had previously worked for the American Petroleum Institute, a lobby group that was vocal in countering the virtual consensus by scientists that manmade emissions are warming the planet.

A White House spokeswoman told the Associated Press his resignation was "completely unrelated" to the disclosure in the New York Times two days earlier that he had made changes in several government climate change reports issued in 2002 and 2003.

The spokeswoman added, "Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge... Oh, GOD I HATE MY LIFE..."

Alright, I may have edited that last line a tad... I didn't edit this though:

An ExxonMobil spokesman said Mr Cooney had been hired before the doctoring stories broke.

Ummm. So you hired him while he was doctoring shit for your benefit? I mean, thats not too much better. Doesn't a respectable company such as ExxonMobil have higher standards for their employee? I mean Cooney cheated his responsibilities? Right? Am I right or what? Sigh...

Anyway, this bullshit surrounding Cooney is a appropriate backdrop to this story on the front page (!) of todays Washington Post:

U.S. Pressure Weakens G-8 Climate Plan
Global-Warming Science Assailed

Bush administration officials working behind the scenes have succeeded in weakening key sections of a proposal for joint action by the eight major industrialized nations to curb climate change.

Under U.S. pressure, negotiators in the past month have agreed to delete language that would detail how rising temperatures are affecting the globe, set ambitious targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions and set stricter environmental standards for World Bank-funded power projects, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

Super sweet. I love my country but that doesn't mean it doesn't make me embarassed/murderous...


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