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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I'm on the Biden bandwagon

No, that's not just your imagination. I did use alliteration. I mean "Biden bandwagon" just rolls so smoothly off the toungue. It's destiny. Swear him in right now.

Biden announced earlier today that he plans to seek the Democratic presidential nomination for 2008 and frankly, I'm glad to hear it. Right now, I think he is far and away the most qualified AND the most electable candidate, a difficult combination to find. He's certainly a better option than Hillary.

We're talking about a guy who is not one of those Dems that doesn't have the balls to stand up to President Bush. He has foreign policy credentials as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations commitee and is actually a very articulate public speaker. On the several occasions I've heard this guy speak on the Sunday mornign talk shows and the prime time cable news shows, I've been very impressed. He makes a lot of sense and he is someone who would be able to do what John Kerry couldn't: Articulate the issues in a clear matter and show the country how fatally flawed the Bush administration really is.

Among other things, he has been outspoken about shutting down Gitmo and continues to demand that Bush give Americans the facts when it comes to what's going on in Iraq.

Biden could be described as a moderate, but I think he takes the right positions on the most important issues and I really believe he could be an effective leader AND be a formiddable candidate for whoever the GOP throws out there.


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