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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ahem, Read this carefully...

African-Americans. are. not. stupid.

Say whatever the fuck you want, George. Promise'em the sky and the moon. Pretend you don't mind shaking their hands you elitist asshole. They're still not going to vote for your tax-cutting-for-the-obscenely-wealthy, anti-civil-rights ass.


The RNC is aiming at converting black voters to their side by supporting controversial conservative minority puppets for local office. This is a scary strategy that may yield long-term dividends for the R's.

So, Democrats, you listen up too. You have a lot of minorities in your camp. Put them in office. Let's show some good faith efforts to represent the diversity of our party in it's elected officials. There are smart people of every color.


  • Wha wha whaaaa? bu bu but this almost sounds (Gasp!) sensible. No way the Democratic council of elders will go for it.

    But confound it, you almost have to admire the snake-like contortions the republican party will resort to in order to win rhetorical and PR victories. Not only should we work to defuse this tactic, we should also steal it.

    For instance, we might nominate many, many more "evangelical" christians for democratic offices.

    By Blogger Ross A Lincoln, at Thursday, 14 July, 2005  

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