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Saturday, July 16, 2005

God, I can barely handle myself right now...

More ridiculous column-writing, this time from WashPost's Carol Swain:
It's time for the Republican Party to write a new chapter in race relations. What I have in mind is something beyond the Senate's recent resolution on lynching and this week's expression of regret by a high-ranking Republican official for the GOP's use of what came to be know as the "Southern Strategy." What I propose is a formal apology for slavery and its aftermath. This could take the form of a joint resolution passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president in a ceremonial setting where Americans could gather to symbolically bury their past.


President Bush is the right man for the job. Since he cannot run for reelection, he can't be accused of pandering for votes. Because he is a born-again Christian, he can and should do this. Since most blacks are Christians, they would graciously accept the apology. By issuing an apology, President Bush could dramatically improve race relations and his party's standing among African Americans.
Graciously accept it, huh? Why shouldn't they, I mean, that's all black people want, an apology. Better yet, an apology that changes nothing. I mean, obviously.

I'm not sure how many of you got the chance to read The Black Commentators response to that apology for lynching but I'm pretty sure it would double as a response to another actionless apology (especially from a person and party whose politics and political heritage continues to oppress African Americans and all minorities):
We will not forgive, or accept an apology that does not come with a change in power relationships. And we will reject any so-called Black leadership that makes its own deal.
And you shouldn't. Everytime BushCo cuts another social program like AmeriCorp or Jumpstart (that help innercity children overcome their institutional disadvantages); everytime he passes a tax-cut for his cabal of rich, old white men; everytime he race baits (see: Rove's hatchet job against McCain); everytime he shamelessly puts a token minority on stage in his Soviet town halls; everytime Bush does what he's been doing his entire life there is another reason to refuse to accept a toothless, meaningless apology.

African Americans deserve an apology, sure. But they deserve much more than that.

PS. I am not African American, and I write this post because it offends me immensely, regardless. I certainly don't presume to be the voice of the Black community (as you can see by the Black Commentator, they definitely don't need me to make points for them). I am just one angry dude.


  • Aren't you, by virtue of technicality, actually African American? Just thought I would disclose that, you lying father of lies.

    By Blogger Patrick, at Sunday, 17 July, 2005  

  • Well Pat's right.

    My mom is Kenyan, which makes me half-African-American.

    However my mom is ethnically Indian (theres a huge Indian population in Africa).

    By Blogger Arun, at Sunday, 17 July, 2005  

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