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Thursday, July 28, 2005

He has returned...

Hello, all.

Sorry about the lack of posts from me. I've been elsewhere on mystical journeys fighting intergalactic (and sentient) billiards cues. Sure.

Anyway, I was home in our nation's capital and came across a print copy of the Washington Post. I'm so used to reading the online version that seeing the actual paper (the first paper I ever read) was an interesting experience.

Of course, the first page I turned to was the comics. I don't have the patience to wait for individual comics to load on the online section so I stopped reading them about 3 years ago. Perusing the page I saw my favs, Boondocks and Non Sequitor, and a few new ones that I didn't recognize. So investigated the new ones to see if they deserved a spot on my comics page. Well. No. They didn't. One was particularly odious.

It's called Candorville by Darin Bell. It is terrible. It's follows a black guy around as he makes terrible one-liners and conservative jokes. Thats right its the anti-Boondocks.

And not only is it's content stupid, its delivery is so cliched and awful that, were it not for my space battlesuit's helmet, I would have stabbed my eyes out.

I just thought the Post had standards. I mean, fine you need a conservative comic, get a good one. Not some I-wish-it-was-still-the-80s-were-I-could-get-away -with-bad-humor-and-tired-three-panel-cliches hack.

But I guess, that aformentioned "good" conservative comic doesnt exist. Because, you know, conservatives don't laugh.

150th post, 3rd month of Talking Lion. WooP!


  • Dude, Candorville is anything but conservative. It helps to actually read something before criticizing it.

    I'm glad the Post added it. It's funnier and smarter than Boondocks.

    By Anonymous Rogelio, at Sunday, 07 August, 2005  

  • Come to think of it, that's my problem with blogs, in general. I don't think most bloggers actually read the articles they link to. So many bloggers post links to articles that end up refuting the blogger's analysis. It's hard to find a blog I can trust, outside of Daily Kos.

    By Anonymous Rogelio, at Sunday, 07 August, 2005  

  • Rogelio,

    You're wrong. Candorville is a conservative comic, and more importantly, its not funny at all. It most certainly is not "funnier and smarter than Boondocks."

    I would link to actual comics for proof but you have to pay a subscription fee to access the archives at But here are the samples the author provides on his site:

    There are only like two you can consider politcal in this sample so my first point isn't proven here. However my second (Candorville is not funny) is proven in buckets.

    Stupid one-liners, bad jokes, not a drop of funny.

    Thanks for playing, please get a better sense of humor.

    By Blogger Arun, at Sunday, 07 August, 2005  

  • I was pointed here by a reader who was amused that someone would find my work to be "conservative." After being called a "communist," an "un-American traitor" and a "terror-lover," I have to say being called "conservative" is refreshing (if disturbing).

    I don't mind when people don't find Candorville funny, but I'd rather they dislike it for the right reasons. For one thing, this is not a "one-liner" strip. Most of the strips don't even have conventional punchlines.

    More importantly, Candorville is staunchly critical of the Iraq War. It's a consistent critic of the corporate Media monopolies that distort our news. It's highly critical of our One Party government. Candorville regularly lampoons the lies our leaders tell us, and the fools who swallow them. Candorville lampoons hypocrisy and idiocy, from either side of the political aisle.

    I do communicate one "conservative" idea through Candorville, that of personal responsibility. I think the system is stacked against the working and middle class, and against women and minorities, but I don't think that's any excuse to behave the way my "Clyde" character (a MILD version of the people I grew up with and live next to today) behaves. It's one thing to be aware of social injustice and do what you can to counter it, but it's quite another to use it as an excuse to just give up and become an amoral person.

    And if believing as I do makes me a "conservative" in some people's eyes, I think that says more about those people than it does about me or Candorville.

    Thanks for pointing out my samples page, it reminded me I haven't updated it since 2002, when Candorville was still in development. I've updated it with new samples and urge you to check them out. I don't mind if you still don't find them funny (can't please everyone), but maybe we could put to rest this misconception of Candorville being some sort of "anti-Boondocks."

    By Blogger Darrin Bell, at Monday, 08 August, 2005  

  • OK,

    Wow. It seems you are who you say.

    If in fact your comic isnt conservative, it didnt seem so every time I checked your strip. Perhaps, I misinterpreted what you were saying. If that is so, I am sorry. I will admit I read it about 4 times over 2 weeks, and apparently didn't see the full range of your opinion.

    I am also sorry that I didn't find you work funny. But I'm sure you'll cope.

    Haha. I have this silly feeling of sheepishness after being told on to the teacher.

    Oh well. It's probably a good sign that you care enough to defend yourself on my blog. Perhaps, you can stick around and read some of it and criticize me as harshly as I you.

    Calling me conservative would be a nice touch.

    By Blogger Arun, at Tuesday, 09 August, 2005  

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