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Friday, July 01, 2005

Links because I am lazy...

Apparently some Supreme Court Justice retired, its not a big deal. Well, kidding, its huge' Sandra Day O'Conor retired today. Talent Show has a good post on it.

And in bigger news, apparently the US has been torturing people within our borders. Awesome. Go to The Heretik and read.

Sigh. Bad news. Rehnquist is on his deathbed (not literally, yet). Roe v Wade hangs in the balance. Motherfuckers are going to try and put Falwellians and Dobsonians on the bench. Theocracy Heil!

Ms. Musings:
Bush added he was seeking "potential nominees who have a high standard of legal ability, judgement and integrity and who will faithfully interpret the Constituional laws of this country."

I heard: "Faithfully!"

Did you hear that Christian Right? I got "faith" in there!


  • Hahaha sweet!

    Why is it that Justices always retire during a Republican term? Why is it that Republicans get to appoint most of the Justices?

    And, ironically, why is it that Republicans bitch the most about "activist Judges" if they get to appoint them all?

    Jesus H. Christ!

    By Blogger Aaron Kinney, at Friday, 01 July, 2005  

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