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Friday, July 22, 2005

My Head Hurts...

My head is splitting open with the fires of a thousand supernovas; I think I may have some sort of head cold or something. I can't provide you with my patented snark and wit. But I can link you to posts of splendor:

Billmon has a chilling post about the upcoming vote on expanding the PATRIOT Act. So does The Heretik.

FAFBLOG! is always great, The Medium Lobster's post today is, well, fantastic. Its about flypaper.

Ross of ThisSpaceForRent and TheTalentShow fame, has a post today on Hillary'08 and her moral crusade:
I have always argued that 3rd party voting is a short-sighted pursuit with inevitable failure written into its destiny, but what choice do we have when the party supposed to represent us obviously thinks we aren't worth their time? Hillary should be ashamed of herself for drumming up this crusade when we're in the middle of a war, and when our very freedoms are under attack from religious fanatics calling themselves "christians."

I'm tired of seeing so called liberals like Hillary and Joementum kiss up to right wing weirdos who can't handle modernity, or the possibiilty that people are doing things they don't understand. Why should they get my supprt now? And why should I give a damn what conservatives think about morality? Conservatives support this war, sexism, the spread of poverty and limiting the freedom of adults to determine their own lives. How moral is that? Conservatives, I posit, are actually immoral and should not be courted or listened to.

I friggin' agree.


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