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Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh, The Heretik...

If you don't routinely check The Heretik, you're missing out. Here's a gem from one of his posts today:
The White Man's Blessed Burden


Bush might also want to rethink using the word mission, as its secondary meaning of sending a light out into the world to convert those who live in darkness plays not so well to darker skinned people who see the white man'’s blessed burden for what it is.

Bush so often puts things in simple terms so easy to understand. What he fails to understand is that to look at complex things in simple ways is simply dumb. The nature of our enemy is more difficult to understand than the nature of the man who would lead us in the battle.

As a darker-skinned person, I whole-heartedly agree. Everytime an evangelical looks at me I can almost see his mouth water. New Convert! I've been told that I would make "such a good Xtian"; I, of course, disagree.

You see, its the whole suspending rational thought thing... It's not for me.


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