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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The War in Iraq is still going on?

You might have forgotten about that whole "War in Iraq" thing that's beeen going on for more than two years. But I really can't blame you. The media is barely paying attention to what's going on in Iraq, instead focusing their coverage on the latest white woman to go misssing.

The latest report to come out about Iraqi casualties put the total at almost 25,000. This, of course, is a very consrervative estimate, as other groups have put the number at over 100,000. But this study, compiled from Iraqi and international media reports, puts forth concrete evidence to back up their numbers. But the scary thing about all of this is that the number doesn't seem like it'll be going down anytime soon:

Civilian deaths attributed to US and coalition military forces peaked in the invasion period from March to May 2003 - which accounts for 30% of all civilian deaths in the two-year period - but the longer-term trend has been for increasing numbers to die at the hands of insurgents.

Figures obtained last week from the Iraqi interior ministry put the average civilian and police officer death toll in insurgent attacks from August 2004 to March 2005 at 800 a month.

So, with Saddam Hussein out of power, violence among insurgents has increased. It looks like the American invasion has made Iraq a more dangerous place to live for the average citizen. So has anything good come out of this war? Anybody?


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