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Thursday, July 28, 2005

What I was saying...

The Onion bring its A-game this week. As I'm sure most of you remember the little shit-storm around this post I wrote a couple weeks ago when Bush callously spoke about his flypaper strategy in London, England (the new addition to the flypaper nations).

Anyway, the Onion weighs in:
Bush To London Bombers: 'Bring It On'

WASHINGTON, DC—President Bush officially responded to the latest round of London transit bombings Monday, challenging terrorists to "do their worst." Said Bush, in a televised statement from the Oval Office: "The proud and resilient people of London can take anything the forces of evil and cowardice can throw at them. They will never live in fear of you. Bring it on." Prime Minister Tony Blair thanked Bush for his comments, inviting him to visit London and ride the Underground in a show of solidarity.

Basically what I was yelling about,
just reworded and more awesome.

But there's more.

The "What Do You Think" section is simply amazing:
London subways and buses have been targeted in two subway attacks in recent weeks. What do you think?

"What? Did these madmen not hear the world denounce these acts just weeks ago?" Joshua Banks, Veterinary Aid

"The sad thing is, London may now develop anti-Pakistani racism for the first time in its history." Dalia Lofton, Systems Analyst

"Are the Brits flying into a blind rage and invading an oil-producing country for no reason? Well, why not?" Carolyn Allen, Fire Inspector

Great stuff.
Sorry for the mostly link-heavy posts. I'm a little busy today. Everything will return to normal soon.


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