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Saturday, July 30, 2005

What's the matter with The New York Times...

Something must be wrong over there in NYT because they keep paying and publishing John Tierney. Today's column isn't really infuriating as such, its just the regular stupid. He's talking about the recent safety issues concerning NASA shuttles and space missions. His entire column can be distilled into this one paragraph of idiocy:
The real problem with this exploration program is that it doesn't explore anything. Three decades after going to the Moon, NASA is sending astronauts a few hundred miles above Earth to conduct high school science experiments. Can you name anything - besides repairing the Hubble Telescope - they've accomplished?

And because the average citizen might not be able to name anything NASA has done that means we should scrap the whole thing, right? Considering that, even during this uproar about Rove, 1/4 of this country doesn't know who Rove is, I don't think we want to follow Tierney's logic.

Wait...following his logic might get rid of Rove faster than the current course through legal channels. Shit, I seem to be hoisted by my own petard. How very inconvenient.


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