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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hey man...

So, I hope you all remember Sean's post a few days ago about that $286b pulled-pork..., er, highway bill. Well, our fearless leader has signed that bill into law:
Three years ago, President Bush went to war against congressional pork. His official 2003 budget even featured a color photo of a wind-powered ice sled -- an example of the pet projects and alleged boondoggles he said he would no longer tolerate.

Yesterday, Bush effectively signed a cease-fire -- critics called it more like a surrender -- in his war on pork. He signed into law a $286 billion transportation measure that contains a record 6,371 pet projects inserted by members of Congress from both parties.

At a short bill-signing event in Montgomery, Ill., Bush said the new law will allow the United States to modernize highways and roads in a fiscally responsible manner. "I'm proud to be here to sign this transportation bill, because our economy depends on us having the most efficient, reliable transportation system in the world," Bush said at a Caterpillar Inc. manufacturing plant.

I mean, it's not unexpected that Bush didn't use his veto here. If you take it out of the box you can't get nearly as much on eBay. Also, Bush is a capitulating jack ass.

It seems to me that all you need to do to get him to support your legislation is give him a surreptitious wink so he thinks your advocacy has some sinister ulterior motive and he'll gladly sign on.

Talent Show beats me to it.


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