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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

John Roberts...

Now, I consider myself to be a Democrat despite my party doing nothing but shaming my choice to be affiliated with them. But sometimes I read the news and say to myself, "Arun, perhaps the D's aren't for you, maybe you should resign yourself to some marginal third party, because your 2nd party loves to marginalize itself." Then I think, "Mmm. I think I'll have some toast and margarine.."

The Dems have totally unofficially thrown in the the towel on the fight to keep John Roberts off the SCOTUS.

Democrats have decided that unless there is an unexpected development in the weeks ahead, they will not launch a major fight to block the Supreme Court nomination of John G. Roberts Jr., according to legislators, Senate aides and party strategists.

Proving that the Washington Post has a sense of humor:

Although they expect to subject President Bush's nominee to tough questioning at confirmation hearings next month, members of the minority party said they do not plan to marshal any concerted campaign against Roberts because they have concluded that he is likely to get at least 70 votes -- enough to overrule parliamentary tactics such as a filibuster that could block the

"No one's planning all-out warfare," said a Senate Democratic aide closely involved in caucus strategy on Roberts. For now, the aide said, Democratic strategy is to make it clear Roberts is subject to fair scrutiny while avoiding a pointless conflagration that could backfire on the
party. "We're going to come out of this looking dignified and will show we took the constitutional process seriously," the aide said.

Really. Tough. Questions... sigh. We're not going to look dignified, you assholes, we're going to look like wimps. There is a time to show opposition even when the fight is unwinnable, damn it. And for the record, there is no way wussing out on fighting Roberts will do any more damage than the Dems are doing to themselves.
The Democrats' decision to hold their fire -- less a formal strategy than an emerging consensus -- has allowed conservatives to husband their resources for future battles. Progress for America, a political group working closely with the White House, had planned to spend $18 million to promote the confirmation of Roberts but now may spend less than half that, according to Republican aides.

See. I mean, we should be unleashing unshirted hell on these people to show the American populace that the Democrats have something to fight about. All they've seen is capitulation after capitulation.

"But, Arun, we can show them that in our super tough questions during the confirmation!", says unnamed Democratic aide.
Democrats said that instead of mounting a headlong assault on Roberts, they plan to use the hearings and the surrounding attention by the news media to remind voters of their party's values, including the protection of rights for individual Americans. The plan calls for emphasizing rights beyond abortion in an effort to appeal to a broader swath of the electorate.

No one. I repeat. NO. ONE. is going to give a shit about the hearings if they already know that the Democrats have given up. If there is no story, the questions in the hearings (barring revelations that Roberts is a puppy-sodomizer) won't make front-page ink and NO ONE WILL CARE! The only values you'll remind the public about is that D's scare away from fights that are tough.

Democratic silence is not, by itself, a guarantee of support. The opposition to the failed nomination of Robert H. Bork in 1987 was evident from the start, but protests of Clarence Thomas in 1991 were slow to build. In early August 1991, a month after President George H.W. Bush nominated Thomas, no senator had yet announced opposition.

Pointing out the obvious: Bork, not in the Supreme Court. Thomas, member of the Supreme Court, to my continual dismay.

I know anything I say on my tiny-ass blo..,er, magazine will do nothing to change the mind of anyone in the DNC or on the Hill. But even though I know that, it's not stopping me from agitating for change via this site (and my various other political activities).



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