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Friday, August 26, 2005

Motherfucking Lynksys

Buy a vowel, you motherfucker Lynksys (shh, for the purposes of this post there is no "i" in lynksys). Basically I havent had the internets for all of this week (thanks to a malfuntioning wireless card and shitty tech support(at least, being Indian, I'm used to the thick accented english)).

I have posts to write (Scalpel Kinch awaits fingers ever-ready to respond (with paragraphs and paragraphs that usually completely miss the effing point, but hey, (s)he's a sweetheart) to my response to his/her response, I'm sure). Let's get started shall we?

Oh wait. I have to enjoy my last weekend before classes. I'll post in a second, hold your horses.

(what(are (we (doing (algerbra (here))))))?


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