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Monday, August 08, 2005

These people just can't let it go...

So Rummy has emerged from where ever BushCo has been hiding him the last few months to be a jerk all over the place. First he openly lied about the motivations of the London underground bombing:
"Some people seem confused about the motivations and intentions of terrorists and about our coalition's defense of the still young democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq," Rumsfeld said in a speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

"They seem to cling to the discredited theory that the recent attacks in London and elsewhere, for example, are really in retaliation for the war in Iraq or for the so-called occupation of Afghanistan," he added. "That is nonsense."

Now this is obviously false. The bombs weren't planted to protest London getting the Olympics. The bombs were detonated as a response to British involvement in the Iraq War.

But that lie is not as bad as the next thing he says:
Rumsfeld also paid tribute to the 21 Marines killed this week in Iraq, including the 14 killed Wednesday by a single roadside bomb near the city of Haditha in western Iraq.

"Patriots, they were determined to stop the terrorists from reclaiming Iraq and from launching more attacks on our people," he said. "Our nation needed them, called on them in battle, and mourns them now in death."

Reclaiming? Iraq was previously run by a person that launched "attacks on our people"? That smells an awful lot like Donald's trying to dust off (or wax sumbliminal on) the rotting corpse that was Al'Qaeda-Iraq-9/11 talking point that helped get us into this Mess O' Potamia (my apologies, Jon) in the first place. What's more sickening is that he trots out two huge lies while paying a "tribute to the 21 Marines killed this week in Iraq".

As I said in a recent post, these people have no fucking shame.


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