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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Weekly Onion Lovefest...

The Onion continues to deliver perfect-pitch criticism of the war in Iraq and the BushCo foriegn policy in general:
'Humor In Uniform' Submissions At All-Time Low
PLEASANTVILLE, NY—Reader's Digest editors reported Monday that submissions to their "Humor In Uniform" feature have fallen off sharply since 2001. "The submissions that are trickling in are just not making me laugh," said Jackie Leo, an editor at the magazine. "I'm looking for amusing send-ups of peeling potatoes on KP duty, not another vignette about a soldier waking up screaming because he accidentally shot a pregnant Iraqi woman." Leo said she almost published one soldier's story about being financially devastated by shrinking veteran benefits "just to help him out with the $300 publication fee, but it just wasn't funny enough."

Yep. It's amazing that there is a single soldier that supports Bush after what his cronies have been doing to the Veteran's budget. Not to mention the whole backdoor-draft thing...


  • Whats funny is that I personally know three Marines, two of which have spent time in Iraq. All three of them hate Bush. And I mean HATE Bush.

    But the way you see the troops in the news and documentaries, they look like they really do support this thing. Incredible! Sorry to say, I wouldnt be suprised if the majority of the military still supported Bush because they are trained to follow orders and believe the bullshit lies.

    But I wish that the rest of the military felt how my three Marine friends felt. Sigh...

    By Blogger Aaron Kinney, at Thursday, 11 August, 2005  

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