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Friday, August 19, 2005

Yeah. If you like righteous fury...

You should probably read this great post by Ross (not Rossle) of ThisSpaceForRent. It's about this dipshit, Ben Shapiro over at whining all over the place about being called a chickenhawk. Here's the beginning of his Ross' post:
Ben Shapiro, You're a Goddamned Pussy. A lying sack of powderpuff shit who spends several thousand wasted minutes shitting your pants, trying to justify your cowardice. Your refusal to serve in the military during a war you support enthusastically, and your desperate attempts to make this cowardly decision sound like patriotism make you a wretched, venal coward of the worst sort, but that's fine, you're only emulating your beloved president.

And it only gets better. I mean, nothing makes me smile more than furious swear-sodden polemic that is so fucking right.


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