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Thursday, September 15, 2005

A few snark-filled asides...

Bush is requesting more funding for the relief/rebuilding effort:
President Bush will call tonight for an unprecedented federal commitment to rebuild New Orleans and other areas obliterated by Hurricane Katrina, putting the United States on pace to spend more in the next year on the storm's aftermath than it has over three years on the Iraq war, according to White House and congressional officials.

With the federal tab for Katrina already nearly quadruple the cost of the country's previous most expensive natural disaster cleanup, Bush plans to offer federal assistance to help flood victims find jobs, get housing and health care, and attend school, according to White House aides.


The president will call on Washington to resist spending money unwisely, but some in his own party are already starting to recoil at a price tag expected to exceed $200 billion -- about the cost of the Iraq war and reconstruction efforts. As emergency expenditures soar -- with new commitments as high as $2 billion a day -- some budget analysts and conservative groups are warning that the Katrina spending has combined with earlier fiscal decisions in ways that will wreak havoc on the government's finances for years to come.

Resist spending money unwisely? Oh you mean like on needless tax cuts? Like on gaudy re-inaugurations? Like on companies that almost pathologically overcharge? Like on missle defense systems that don't work? Like on privatizing Social Security which won't help anyone but the brokers? Like on a million other things I don't have the finger stamina to enumerate?

He has a knack for transforming me from a functioning student into an apoplectic, angry mess.

As far as the money needed to rebuild the places effected by Katrina, never have those tax cuts (you know, the ones before and after we went to war) looked more idiotic and short-sighted. And I hope Bush blushes a bit when he's in front of that podium tonight asking for 200 billion, becuase if we repealed all of his tax cuts the federal government would have that 200 billion without skull-fucking the deficit any more.

But you know, thats just my opinion, man.


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