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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Get Your War On...

I forgot about how much I love Get Your War On. I hadn't read it since before May because the author, David Rees was slow with updating his site. Lucky for everyone, I happened to check it this morning. This strip is so funny that I cried a little (of course, the crying was a healthy mix of laughter's tears and weeping):
Floating Corpse 1: I like it when President Bush hugs people. It's heart-warming. He's a really good hugger
Floating Corpse 2: Totally. It's chicken soupd for the abandoned, poverty-stricken corpse's soul.
Floating Corpse 1: Umm... You can only be poverty-stricken if you're alive.
Floating Corpse 2: So I'm not poor anymore? Well I'll be drowned -- I guess those tax cuts really did work!

Hahaha... sigh, my heart hurts.


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