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Friday, September 16, 2005

If you'll please allow me to be silly for a moment....

I was watching Predator yesterday on AMC or Encore or something. Great flick. But I was wondering. With all the "VS" horror movies (you know, Predator vs. Alien, Freddy vs. Jason) why doesnt Hollywood make the "VS" movies that I want to see. Here are some suggestions:

Predator Vs. The Mighty Ducks. Triple deek this, motherfucker. Emilio's coaching would be tested like never before because this time they're playing for blood. Also, they're not playing hockey. They're doing battle with a badass alien thinger. Hopefully Carl Weathers will make a cameo.

Freddy Vs. Who ever made U Got Served. U Got Served is one of the worst movies ever made. I would truly enjoy hearing Freddy telling the producer just before he lops of his head, "U got severed!"

Austin Powers vs. Michael Myers. Mike Myers vs. Mike Myers. This one writes itself.

Grab-bag of Horrifying Monsters and Serial Killers Vs. The Cast of Mtv's Laguna Beach. This one also writes itself.

OK Hollywood, get crackin'. I want to see at least 3 scripts on my desk by 2 o'clock or you'll never work in this town again.


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