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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm just not feeling it today...

Yeah, I just can't do much thinking today. A close relative passed away so I am unable to muster up the requisite snark and fury to post. So instead I'll just link farm and you'll be damn grateful.

This post by Amanda(gon) is stunning. It's an ad from wayback advertising Lysol for feminine hygiene. The ad is amazing, and Amanda is at her best when taking down misogyny.

Ross of ThisSpaceForRent fame is blog-sitting at The Talent Show. This post has a killer pun in it. Also it has some great stories.

The Heretik is always fantastic. Read his post on Time's woman of the year.

That should tide you over until tomorrow.

"Cheer up, tomorrow's Friday," my professor said today.
"But you just assigned us a 7 page paper due next class. We don't have time to be cheerful," I reply.
"Oh yeah... Well, it'll be Friday again next week. I'll remind you to be cheerful then."


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