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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In case you're bored...

Here's a column I wrote in 30 minutes for todays PittNews (University of Pittsburgh's student paper). I think it's funny. Whatever.


  • would be like riding a non-lame version of a Vespa or a Segway.

    For the record, while Segways suck, Vespas are awesome. Do not confuse those ridiculous personal transport devices for douchebags with glorious scooters, lest I unleash the X-1 on you! (That's what I call my scooter)

    By Blogger Ross A Lincoln, at Wednesday, 14 September, 2005  

  • I don't know what I was thinking, Ross. It must be some sort of typo.

    Please spare me from the ample wrath of X-1.

    At least we can all agree that Segways are for jerks.

    By Blogger Arun, at Wednesday, 14 September, 2005  

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