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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Logic 0500 beats Literalism...

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time. I can't find the quote online so I'm going to paraphrase this argument against a literal interpretation of the Bible said by a Catholic official several centuries ago (I had to break down into symbols and prove is veractiy as homework for my Logic class a year ago):

1. The sun was created on the 4th day by God.
2. Days are defined by the period between the risings of the sun.
3. Therefore days are meaningless before the sun is created.
3a. The term "day" is used for the first 3 days of creations despite this.
4. Therefore literally interpreting Genesis is misguided.
5. Therefore literally interpreting the Bible is misguided.

It was worded better, but thats the gist.

I think those who stand by the literal interpretation of the Bible is silly because the book has been translated so many times. Jesus didn't speak english; taking every english word literally is just dumb (read: willful ignorance (see: religious faith)).

Also "literally interpreting" is a oxymoron that acknowledges that interpretation is involved. Once acknowledged, who can say which type of interpretation is most worthy since all the interpreting is being done by extremely fallible creatures.


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