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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Maybe we should outsource FEMA to India too...

On July 27th, 2005 many parts of Maharashtra, India flooded thanks to more than 37 inches of rain (8th heaviest rainfall in history, Noah). Despite the risk of telegraphing my pass, so to speak, the metropolis of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) was almost completely flooded.

Despite technological disadvantages in public communication, no Doppler radar to give warning, an antiquated drainage system for which funds never existed to fix/replace, and other various examples of disparity in resources that accompanies being poorer than America, 48 hours later Mumbai was up and running.

The Indian Army and Navy were in Mumbai in
12 hours evacuating more than 10,000 residents and restoring order to the city (there were no cases of violence analogous to what happened in the wake of Katrina). And the death total (406) looks like it's going to be many, many times less than what we'll eventually tally in New Orleans.

What I am saying is obvious. Despite the differences in magnitude between Katrina and the Maharashtra floods, there is no question that the so-called developing nation of India handled its similar crisis exponentially better than the asshats that run our 1st world country.

And that sickens me. No disrespect to India (I am half-Indian), but what the hell is wrong with the US if it can't live up to the example of a nation that is striving to live up to ours? Quite simply, our government is an embarrassment and something drastic needs to change.

We need to keep screaming at the top of our lungs about this mess. We've learned that to let the commotion die will result in no accountability. There are heads that need to roll for this, and I figure if we start high enough, those rolling heads will snowball taking the rest of this repulsive administration with them.

200th post, I only wish it was less depressing


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