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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oh yeah I wrote a column the other week...

I'm trying to un-atrophy my blogging muscles. In the meantime you can read my column for the PittNews.. I should have another column this week. Wednesday.

This column, from last week, isn't political. It's my real reaction to watching Entourage.

I fucking love this show. And just about every fella I've talked to that has seen it is of the same opinion. It's Sex and the City, for guys. As in, just as S&tC had everything the ladies wanted in a program, Entourage has just about everything I look for in my television. That and Jeremy Piven is fucking gold.

But yeah, the column doesn't have much to do with Entourage, except that if life in the Entertainment Industry is as glamorous as portrayed within the show, I am fucking moving to LA.


  • the talking doofus:

    whats the deal with the lack of posts, dudes? i hope your time and effort have not been wooed away by pat's latest idea to make a funcitonal bong out of furniture. If thats the case, however, brush off the saw dust and cannabal ash from your t-shirts and get your athiestic behinds back to the helm of this here weblogs.

    Also, I have an idea. Conservatives are known far and wee for their ownership of pick-up trucks. Will leftists in the 21st century be known for their participation in "new media projecets"? i guess you guys are set for the next 100 years. has to feel cool, right?

    By Anonymous ghostofbonko, at Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  

  • maybe its the organic split pea soup talking, but i really fancy the idea of making bong furniture. you can sit in it and within range of your sitting is a mighty fine plastic tube for you to pucker up too whenever life seems too hard (or tard!). i think we should try making this. Just open up one of the arms, pack a bowl fit for bonko, and then proudly light that voluptuous little bud.

    bask in the majesty that is pot fumes emanating from a weed hearth beneath those comfy cushions. itd be 10 times cooler than the tardmaker so it would automatically make you guys 10 times cooler than greg (presuming the majority of you have travelled and like just gotten so fucked up in europe). you guys would effectively elevate yourself from a position of n00b to a position of primacy, one based on how high you can get at any one time (or more importantly, how high you can get guests, girls etc). This fate is yours to take. Remember what Ducard says, patrick. it wasnt the weed messing with your head. he was talking to you...

    By Anonymous highalina potlie, at Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  

  • The Conservation of Matter and Highness

    Matter can change form when you burn it and inhale the smoke. The smoke gets you high. The more matter you burn, the more matter you can inhale and thus the more high you can get. It is important to understand that highness is neither created nor eliminated in this reaction. It remains conserved in matter, where it changes into smoke through combustion and then enters into the person when they inhale it. The inhalation makes the person very very high. Sometimes too high. When the person is very very high, he or she will act very high, and so pass on highness to her surroundings. He or she will forget to do homework or nervously pace inside a bakery for 10 minutes while pondering which pastry to buy. Any such stoner activity can be understood as highness dissipating from an area of low sobriety to an area of high sobriety.

    By Anonymous pulsingpurple, at Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  

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