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Friday, October 21, 2005


Haha! I emerge victorious! I r00l and midterms dr00l.

Anyway, apart from sitting about 5 ft from the future Democratic Senator from PA, Bob Casey, I have a new column for the PittNews. Read it.

The blogsault will return on Monday, have a great mo'fucken weekend!


  • Pulling the bong away from my face, its mouth spewing smoke back at me, I try to carefully set down both bong and lighter, when i suddenly hear a noise. Was there salvia in there? "I sure hope not," you plead. But you hear another noise, this time bolder, more piercing. And another, and another, until the room is driven into a living madness of thrusting thuds and pummellings coming from every angle and every area on the walls and the sealing. Shaking and looming with claustrophobic menace, its drywall began to cave in, its brittle plaster brutalized, the pockets of brutality pock marked the wall, throbbing with each pulse. Till finally, like insectoid emergence of larva from eggs, engorged human phalluses began punching through those pockmarks, erupting in showers of dust and fragments exploding from the wall. To your left and to your right they came, some even falling down from the ceiling and nearly slapping you in the face. The rooms walls became ever more densely infested with them, some still, others wagging, some purple others a fiery oxygenated red. The lights above your head would be shattered in a bright flash before your eyes and knocked down from the ceiling, as yet more carnivorous phalli were gorging their way through the utilitarian guts of the room, their conquest nearly complete, but for the gnashing of teeth and shrieking wales that come shortly after the darkness.

    By Blogger nigelhuffy, at Tuesday, 25 October, 2005  

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