The Talking Lion

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

To No One...

Iiiiiiite. I haven't posted a goddamned thing in awhile.

But. I think. that. I will have an inordinate amount of time over the next few months.

So that means the triumphant return of The Talking Lion (and maybe a new banner!).

And I am pretty sure that Pat and Sean have peaced out of this operation, so it will become my personal blog.

So, a new era begins, bitches.

In the meantime here is a column I wrote about how Alito is a scumbag racist. If you read any respectible blogs you will have seen this stuff before but if you want to read me talk about it click here.
In light of this philosophical affirmation of CAP, it boggles my mind that anyone could support this nominee for the Supreme Court, let alone any minority. That any African-American leader supports conservative judges when in our country’s history conservative courts have never done anything for any minority group other than the wealthy is ridiculous.

To be clear, I don’t accuse all conservatives of being racist. However, I do accuse all minority conservatives of being dangerous idiots. Those who are in this deplorable category should ask themselves a simple question: If conservatives advocate and protect racial equality, why do old racists vote Republican?

I wanted to include cite Ross for the last question, but I forgot before I sent it to my editor. So, before the 4 people who read this, Ross came up with the skeleton of this question after to responding to one of my posts. I just changed a few things.

Also, someone tell Ross to start blogging again.