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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Now I'm not one to deal with conspiracy theories. And although I think the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon smelled fishy, I don't think it is because the government did it. I lean toward the belief that the majority of the gross incompetence that occurred has been covered up for obvious reasons.

That being said, I can certainly imagine the Rumsfelds and Wolfowitzs and Chenies talking about allowing al'Qaeda to succeed with their planned attack in order to springboard a radical and aggressive military agenda that their neo-con buddies truly believe is necessary for American (and Israeli) survival and that their business ties could make a pretty penny in the process. (phew, long sentence)

Now, here's a link to a documentary (google video, completely free and streaming) that discusses the many problems with the official story of the attacks of Sept. 11th. I would say that about 45% of this documentary is damning, the rest can be explained away in some fashion. It's that 45% that makes this video worth your attention. Please watch it.

It's got me pretty worked up, I must admit.


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