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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Motherfucking Yahoo!....

Man, I was all geared up to write a really indignant and angry post about how yahoo!news doesn't display the huge story about the not-so-biolabs until the Politics section (which is where it was until like 20 seconds ago). And I was going to yell about how this story is so much more than 'politics'. But now I see it is listed on the top of their Top Stories section and all they've left me to yell about how it's not in their Main section (the very top with pictures and captions).


It should be the most important story of the day. This type of lying is impeachable. And as I said in yesterday's post, you'd be hardpressed to convince me that Bush or Cheney or Rove or any of the senior White House staff didn't know about the not-a-weapons-lab-conclusion in the two days between the findings and Bush declaring that "we have found the WMDs."

What yahoo! did leave me to yell about is that their lead story is, instead, about how Iran has decided to expand its uranium enrichment program.
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran intends to enrich uranium on a scale hundreds of times larger than its current level, the country's deputy nuclear chief said Wednesday, signaling its resolve to expand a program the international community insists it halt.

Now, this is news. There are no doubts about that. But considering that information that has just surfaced about how we are planning the Iran campaign and how Bush may have lied to the country to justify the last war, I think the biolab story takes immediate precedence.
But let's talk about the story anyway:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that Iran for the first time had succeeded on a small scale in enriching uranium, a key step in generating fuel for a reactor or fissile material for a bomb. The U.N. Security Council has demanded that Iran stop all enrichment activity because of suspicions the program's aim is to make weapons.

The story goes on to document how the US and UN aret' to crazy about their plans and detail how Iran has made a little bit of enriched uranium but need more cetrifuges (they have 160 and need at least 50,000 to make fissable material to power a plant or, you know, make a bomb).
Iran, which has made no secret of its plans to ultimately expand enrichment to around 50,000 centrifuges to fuel reactors, is still thought to be years away from a full-scale program.

Still, concerns grew Tuesday when Ahmadinejad announced Iran's enrichment success in a nationally televised ceremony, saying the country's nuclear ambitions are peaceful and warning the West that trying to force Iran to abandon enrichment would "cause an everlasting hatred in the hearts of Iranians."

OK. Here's my problem with this whole situation. In the wake of the now public plans not only to bomb the shit out of Iran but also to use nuclear weapons (
but only tactical nukes lol), how exactly can we blame Iran for wanting to pursue this technology?

In theory, the US can attack Iran tomorrow. It has come out that we are planning to so. Bush has a poor track record at avoiding needless conflicts diplomatically. And, the cherry on top, Bush in all his messianic megalomania wants to make "saving Iran" his "legacy."

So given all of that, exactly what is sales pitch to Iran to stop in its development?

"Hey, listen. Even though, um, we invaded Iraq despite their cooperating with weapons inspectors and their ultimately posing no real threat, stop developing really the only weapon that will deter neocon assholes from declaring war on you."

Somehow, I can't see that being too effective. And of course there is also the status that nuclear technology gives to the countries who have it. This is the true objective, in my humble estimation. There is no way they would launch a first-strike nuclear attack on Israel, because Israel has enough nukes to return the favor ten-fold.

But before the islamofacists-will-kill-us-all arguments are whined, I would like to state for the record I would rather religious fanatics hell bent on destroying other countries did not have nuclear capacity added to their arsenals.

But, I mean, one of them already has a bunch.

Looks like the story is out of the Top Stories category. I think that category might be compiled based on hits. Regardless, insert the indignant anger I mentioned earlier.


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