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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Upcoming War...

How on earth can anyone be in favor of a military action in Iran?

We're already fighting 2 wars.

We cannot afford it; neither in men nor money. We are deep in the blood red.

We cannot win the peace in three countries. We're close to losing it in the first two.

It's clear (or at least, becoming clearer) that Rumsfeld is incompetent. His own men say so.

It's clear (or at least, becoming clearer) that Bush & Co are dangerous liars.

We can't even protect our own citizens on our own soil. From Sept 11th to Katrina.

Not to mention:

The Middle East would light up like forest fire. We're having a hard enough time at this current temperature

And, finally:

Iran is ten years from nuclear power. Diplomatic efforts are nowhere near exhausted.

What the fuck are we doing talking about regime change in Iran?


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